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Poster by Audrey Cibel

Textile Arts Center Artist in Residence Cycle 15;
Audrey Cibel, Carter Shocket, Hera Ford, Jimmy Zhao, Julie Clapton, Lovisa Axén, Shawna Tang, and Nana YaaSerwaah Akuoku

Embracing the theme of play, these artists have delved into their crafts with a sense of curiosity and innovation, paying homage to the initial phase of their residency. Their works create a nuanced engagement with materiality, highlighting the intricate interplay between form and craft. Through the exchange of methods and techniques, they have enriched their own artistic practices while fostering a collaborative spirit within the residency community.

The notion of play embodies a dynamic relationship with time, echoing cycles of exploration, reflection, and anticipation. As the artists navigate between past experiences, present endeavors, and the unknown future, their work becomes a testament to the evolving nature of their own creativity. At the heart of their endeavors lies a commitment to nurturing the creative spirit which they invite audiences to engage with.

Photos by Allison Asselbergs ︎︎︎

habitual love
Textile sculptures crafted from white bridal fabric.
Embroidered with white denim threads.

I am interested in objects from everyday life and why certain items linger in our collective memory. I am curious about what makes them stay with us, the memories they evoke, and how things can evoke nostalgia. In this piece, I have taken a closer look at the bread clip—a small item with a surprisingly large fan base.

Photos by Lovisa Axén ︎︎︎