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Nesting Part II
Group Exhibition at Brändan/Folkets Park, Malmö, 22-28/9

Nesting part II invites you to explore how our surroundings shape us and nourish us, to celebrate the beauty and significance of the things we call home. As you step into Nesting space, you become a co-creator, adding to its essence.

Our fascination for how we as humans and artists can take our experiences and thoughts from a mental plane and translate them into something physical and tangible. This led us to collaborate with local artists, resulting in soundscapes, textiles, sculptures, and paintings that adorn our co-crafted home.Exhibition opening on 22nd September from 18:00 to 22:00 at Brändan at Folketspark.

Vau (@vvvvvaaaaauuuuu), Brenda El Rayess (@brendakakor), Cora Onori (@cora.onori), Cassius Lambert (@cassius.lambert), Lovisa Axén (@Lovisa.axen), Frida Rådlund (@fridaradlund), Carl Danielsson (@carlfredrikemrik), Felicia Oh Hansen (@feliciaoh), Martin Olsson (@martin_olssonn),
Lisa Broms (@inflykt), Karolina Brobeck (@karolinabrobeck), Andrea Udd (@bomba_mig), Donna Verde (@donna_verde_marshmallows_), Daniela Doe (@danieladoe), Yasmina Karli Malmsten (@yasminakarlimalmsten)
I contributed with my textile sculptures, Schemtterlings.