Mark ︎︎ LOVISA AXÉN ︎ ︎


Konstfack / Stockholm / 2019

LUNCH consist of screen printing with reactive dye on cotton fabric, acid dyes and sewing on shiny polyester fabric

The process have been a big part of this project. To work close whit the materials, to work whit my body,  whit heavy materials too feel that im being apart of the process.  I got the inspiration from a drawing and a painting i did this summer (2019) of a piece of meat and a abstract gouache pattern. The meat piece is my feeling of being a woman. To always be consumed of other peaople expectations. This time i make it obvious. I let other people be observers of the meat. I make the textile meat pice huge, 1500x1000mm. I want it to take place. The artwork is there because I want it to be. The piece of meat is me.