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KATLA #3 Release

Release of the third edition of the comic book Katla
Crum Heaven, Stockholm, 7/9-23 

KATLA is an annual comic magazine that gathers enthusiasts from the Swedish comic scene. Now, here comes issue number three - where 10 comic artists, illustrators, and artists have all interpreted the theme "climax." For some reason, virtually all the comics contain some kind of animals. There are butterflies, dogs, seagulls, cows, horses, snakes, and frogs. We don't know why it turned out that way. It's probably just a coincidence.

Klara Viridén Hanna ,Järgenstedt, Lovisa Axén, Joseph Björk Linderoth, Lisa Broms, Rut Runesdotter, Olle Eklund, Emilia Velazquez, Mospinek Mattias Wallenius, Vanja Ivarsson

Editors: Vanja Ivarsson & Mattias Wallenius
Printed by Beast Studios in Malmö
Cover image: Lovisa Axén

On this page, you can see images from Lovisa Axén's comic in Katla issue #3