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The Pavilion at way out west 2022

Gustaf Westman highlights Sweden’s emerging creators in special music festival pavilion”

I participated with:
Two textile flowers; dandelion and lupin (can be seen on the dj booth and on the speaker in the picures below).  
Hand-tufted stars in wool and mohair yarn (can be seen on the walls in the picures below). Large beaded net in many colours (can be seen on the wall in the picures below). Shiny butterflies  (can be seen hanging above the dj booth in the picures below)
Pink shiny creature (can be seen hanging together with the shiny butterflies above the dj booth in the picures below).

Read more about the project in an interview
between Gustaf Westman and Scandinavian MIND: here

Photography: Mira Hansen ︎︎︎

Photography: Alice Schoolcraft ︎︎︎