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Fiberspace Gallary / Stockholm / 2019

FURBY LIFE” consist of ceramics, weave knitting, digital printing (of a gouache painting) and sewing

“In my artistry, I find it interesting to work with icons / symbols by removing their accompanying features and then applying new ones without any filter. For me it occurs through various social issues where I exaggerate characteristic features of personalities or situations. You could say that through crafts, I materialize and focus on problems while i luring someone into my world with something aesthetically pleasing with a lot of color and cute characters. In "Furby Life" I got the inspiration from the toy “Furby” and the flag of the European Union where I created a parallel universe. Furby as a politician and the EU flag with bananas instead of stars.”
How would I describe my Furby's characteristics? He lives "The American Dream". Born 1946 in New York, USA. He does what he wants himself. Some call him an American hero, maybe even a god. While some call him a racist and a climate denier. Good or evil? The savior or the devil? Masonry or the threat? He is a versatile and whimsical character. Under the hat he hides white sugarcane's hair and under the vest a par of small hands. He does most things with a smug smile on his lips.

Mark ︎